We are taking the leading positions in the technology of automatic identification since 1992

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About us


“Taking the leading positions in the technology of automatic identification (AI) to help companies of various economic sectors of Russia and CIS countries to organize, to develop and to support their business using these technologies”


"DataKrat" company was founded on March 12, 1992 in Yekaterinburg on the basis of the laboratory "KRAT" of Math Department of the Ural State University (now the Ural Federal University). 

Today, "DataKrat" corporation is a large diversified company, which takes the leading position in AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION (AI) in the Russian Market.


Datakrat is one of the biggest Russian
Suppliers of the hardware in Auto ID.

Based on the profound expertise in AI, received during
the 25-years market experience, DataKrat now is one of
the leading producers of the software solutions in Retail,
Entertainment, Sport and HoReCa.

DataKrat is the largest regional company in the sphere
of SUPPORT and SERVICE  in  AI and IT sectors
 in the Urals and Siberia.

Our main focus

Automation in retail with our own software developments
  Electronic anti-theft systems (EAS)
Automation in HoReCa segment         Supply consumables and accessorizes for big variety of Auto ID hardware
Supply biggest Russian retail chains with complete set of Auto ID products:
POS computers, printers, barcode scanners, mobile handhelds, and other Auto ID equipment   
  Ticketing and access control systems for compete automation in sports and entertainment centers

Electronic shelf labels (ESL)   Centralized service center let our customers around all Russian regions receive comprehensive support

DataKrat software solutions

Our software and hardware solutions are based on the long-standing expertise and deep understanding of our market



S-market system
 software for back-office
 automation in retail 

Software product lines for front-office in retail under the brand name DKLink: 
Front Office, Inventory, Mobile, CLM

Monitoring software
of anti-theft systems



Software product lines under the brand name Bars

ticketing and access control
systems for compete automation in
sports and entertainment centers

check-in, ticketing and access
control systems of visitor flows at public events
 (exibitions, fares, conferences and etc.) 

Pocket Parking
mobile parking system
is a cost-effective mobile solution for small
parking lots automation

In addition to these systems, DataKrat deals with supplying of labeling systems and plastic cards (including printers for printing labels and cards and consumable materials for them).

DataKrat is a multifunctional company that rapidly develops several areas of activities at the same time. It gives an undeniable advantage over competitors in achieving customers’ goals both in any of these activities and in its complex offering them their own individual integrated solutions on a turnkey basis. Among them one can find project development, equipment supply, installation, commissioning operations, designer supervision and further service support.

A separate, high-developing area of the company is IT service (mainly in automatic identification equipment). IT service is based on the ITIL standart, using all the modern instruments (call center, service desk, mobile working places and etc.).

The main advantage of DataKrat is it's geografical representation. 

Sales and service offices are represented in 20 major cities of our country

Today DataKrat has strong relationship with customers in all Russian regions. We successfully competed more than 10 000 projects in the field of Auto ID.