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Pocket Parking: Mobile Parking System

Pocket Parking: Mobile Parking System

PocketParking is a DataKrat product created to handle the issue of unauthorized parking.

This low cost mobile solution is intended for automation of small or temporary parking lots where installation of complete parking system (boom gates, automatic entrance/exit control units, payment terminals) is not required. 

This solution is exactly what you need if:

  • you do not wish to invest into a sophisticated parking system;

  • the existing underground facilities under the parking site forbid any excavation work to install a parking system;

  • the parking lot is used by non-target clients: car owners from nearby buildings, offices, etc.

PocketParking is a wireless parking system to accept parking fees via a mobile operator.


Data collection terminal


Mobile printer

PocketParking = generation of tickets and POS station in one device.

What you can do with PocketParking: Basics

  • Automatically or manually assign parking spots, print parking spot numbers on barcoded parking tickets.

  • Display the total number of parking spots and currently free spots on the parking operator terminal.

  • Provide a graphic interface for a parking operator to monitor over available spots on the parking lot and manually change the parking lot status if need be.

  • Grant discounts to clients, apply penalty fees for lost parking tickets, or refund payments to clients if the car cannot be parked.

  • Access the system remotely to download reports.

What else you can do with PocketParking: Optional 

  • Combine the system with boom gates.

  • Read & record NFC cards to arrange a single data medium for several parking lots.

  • Integrate it with external display to show free spots on the parking lot.

  • Integrate with IP video surveillance systems.

  • Integrate with number plate recognition system.

  • Register work time of parking lot operators.

PocketParking: Reports 

  • Parking tickets issued (for Simple type tickets).

  • Estimated proceeds from the cars currently parked on the parking lot (for Standard, Advanced, and Service/Valet types).

  • Proceeds as of present moment (for Standard, Advanced, and Service/Valet types).

  • Parking lot usage with load analytics for day, week, month, or year.

  • Average duration of parking, average receipt amount, etc.

  • Total parking time of a car with a certain plate number over a certain period.

  • Technical reports (loss of connection between the server and local terminals/computers, closing of a shift, change of operators/ cashiers, etc.

  • Technical and service access events, discounts granted, penalty fees charged.

  • Sale and use of multi-park cards.

Use PocketParking to deploy various types of parking lot: 

1. Simple parking (simplified wireless functionality) 

The client pays to the parking operator at the entrance for access only and receives a ticket (barcode receipt) as payment confirmation. This system type is suitable for parking lots with a single (reverse) entry/exit and fixed parking fee. 

2. Standard parking (basic functionality) 

When a car drives into the parking lot, the operator prints a ticket (barcode receipt), and PocketParking records the entry time. 

When the car leaves the parking lot, the operator scans the barcode from the ticket, the system automatically calculates the total parking fee, and the operator accepts the payment.
This system type is suitable for time-based charges at lots with separate entry and exit and with two or more parking lot operators. 

3. Advanced parking (extended functionality) 


  1. A car enters the parking lot. 
  2. The operator photographs the car, and inputs the plate number. *Option: The system can automatically recognize the number from the photo.3. The system records entry time. 


  1. Before leaving the parking lot, the client goes to the cashier booth and tells the car plate number. 
  2. The operator calculates the parking fee.
  3. The client makes a payment, confirmed by a printed receipt (barcode ticket). *Option: Print out the parking contract with the car photo. 
  4. At the exit, the parking operator scans the bar code to confirm the payment.
  5. If confirmed, the car may leave. 

This system type is suitable for parking lots with separate entry and exit, with a cashier booth at the parking lot premises and two or more parking lot operators. 

4. Valet/ Service parking

At the entrance, a valet takes over the client’s car, gives the client a barcode ticket, and parks the car. 

Before leaving, the client goes to the reception desk, gives the barcode ticket to the receptionist, and pays the parking (if this service is fee-based). The receptionist calls the valet who drives the car over to the exit and hands it over to the client. 

This system type is suitable for premium class parking lots with valet parking and for auto care shops. 

In some cases the same parking lot can fall under more than one system type (1, 2 and 3). 

Upon the Customer’s request, PocketParking wireless parking system can be integrated into Bars Access and Payment system.