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S-Market: System to automate retail and wholesale operations

S-Market: System to automate retail and wholesale operations

S-MARKET is stock flow tracking software based on barcode scanning technology for integrated automation of retail and wholesale: warehouses, convenience stores, department stores, supermarkets, boutiques, discounters, сash&сarry, chains stores, etc. 

S-Market is a Windows OS software designed to support shop operations (back office level) and central office (head office level). 

S-MARKET: efficient management tool 

Stock management 
One of the key functions of the manager. Control your stock volumes, prevent deficit and overstocking. As a result, both warehousing costs and capital immobilized in stocks are significantly reduced. 

Procurement management   
Optimize procurement volumes, timeframes, prices, and supply terms. Generate and follow up orders, manage settlements with your business partners. 

Price management   
Amidst the ever-changing taxes and rates, we provide an efficient tool for quick price adjustment. Implement a flexible pricing system: set individual prices for chain stores, particular customers, groups of goods. Differentiate prices based on quantity, purchase sum, and many other parameters. 

Product range management
Quick response to demand fluctuations. A carefully designed and well-structured classifier of goods helps organize work with tens of thousands of various product items. 

Personnel management 
Set clear distribution of duties and define accountability areas. Differentiate access rights to operations and reports. As a result, your personnel actions are well controlled, and losses from fraud minimized. 

Sales management
Attract new customers and enhance the loyalty of your regulars. The system can be used to arrange advertising campaigns, grant discounts, and issue loyalty cards. 

Warehouse management 
Real time control over all warehousing operations, automation of goods identification. 

S-Market includes the following modules:

  • warehouse inventory control (goods flow automation system);
  • shop equipment operations (POS terminal module, barcode scanners module, and electronic weight indicator module);
  • printout of labels and price tags;
  • CONFIGURATOR (system setup);
  • ADMINISTRATOR (identification of access levels for system data);
  • report forms.

S-Market may also include additional software modules:

  • loyalty cards;
  • payment management;
  • generation of orders;
  • financial accounting (data export into accounting software 1C: Enterprise);
  • cell-based storage;
  • operational calculations;
  • data cropping;
  • S-Market cash register;
  • Online store interface;
  • Information kiosk;
  • Planograms;
  • CRM;
  • Fixed assets.
S-MARKET supports a wide range of specialized trade equipment, which considerably improves overall efficiency of the entire system. S-MARKET will deliver best results when used with equipment of leading global manufacturers known for high performance and reliability. Such equipment will improve the performance of each link of the stock flow chain.