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Bars: Access and Payment Systems for Integrated Automation of Water Parks and Swimming Pools

Bars: Access and Payment Systems for Integrated Automation of Water Parks and Swimming Pools

Bars Access and Payment Systems fully automate the entire complex of business processes of a water park or swimming pool, prevent abusive behaviors from the staff or guests, reduce guest handling time, and improve service quality.

Practical experience shows that automated financial control and closer monitoring over the actions of the staff and visitors coupled with quality analysis of the water park operation can actually increase the park profitability by 20-30%.

Bars Pool and Water Park automation system provides for: 

  • revenue growth by 20-30%;
  • monitoring and control of turnstile access;
  • flexible rates and discount & bonus policies;
  • no physical handling of cash inside the water park thanks to deposit-based payments for all services and goods using RFID wristbands;
  • use of self-care kiosks to sell water park services, check and top up wristband balance, and get service info;
  • self-checkout terminals to sell RFID wristbands;
  • automatic lockers with electronics wristband-operated locks for change rooms;
  • automatic wristband return machines at the exit;
  • integration with the video surveillance system, an effective tool to curb abusive behaviors of staff and visitors;
  • remote sales of services via the water park or swimming pool website or coupon websites;
  • integration with cafe automation systems;
  • integration with video game arcade zone;
  • integration with parking;
  • integration with SAP R/3 and other enterprise resource planning software;
  • on-line monitoring of payment and access control system (including via mobile application Bars Mobile).

Structure of Bars Access and Payment System for Water Parks and Swimming Pools

Cashier terminals 
Our software to automate cashier operations ensures high performance of cashiers’ work and enables visitors to pay for the water park services using both cash and bank cards. All cashier operations are handled by one software shell. The software interface is simple and user-friendly, which is extremely convenient beginners as well as other users. All operations are personalized. The user who performed the operation can be identified at any moment. 
Cashier’s workplace features: 

  • cash register (PC or POS terminal); 
  • barcode ticket printer or receipt printer;
  • RFID bracelet reader or barcode scanner;
  • software;
  • customer display.
Water-resistant RFID bracelets are a common and convenient solution for water parks and swimming pools. Worn by guests at all times, they minimize the risk of loss and make guests’ experience more comfortable and safe.   
RFID bracelets also serve as access cards to pass the turnstiles, keys to change room lockers and payment means for additional services in the park or pool. All information on a guest’s transactions is accumulated in the electronic format and recorded on storage media. 
Apart from RFID bracelets, the system can also use RFID cards, barcode tickets, and QR code on smartphones as IDs. Bars payment and access control system can be adapted to work with any IDs.

Vending machine for tickets and wishbrands 
In addition to automated cashier counters, the system can include vending machines as supplementary points-of-sale. As well as selling bracelets and access, these can be practical in the change rooms for guests to top up their bracelet balance (in case of deposit-based system).




Bars.Pay mini



Our proprietary product – self-care bracelet vendor 
With these terminals, you can easily relieve the load on the ticketing counters and reduce labor costs. Our machine will handle payment and access to the water park area and greatly help the throughput capacity. The machine will pay off in short time.
The set includes a heavy-duty automatic self-service payment kiosk (the customer chooses the design) and a bracelet vending machine which dispenses the RFID bracelets.
A special monitoring software module within Bars Access and Payment system accounts of the number of bracelets remaining in the vendor. The display shows a detailed walk-through for guests to buy bracelets.

  • sell and dispense RFID bracelets;  
  • accept bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, including PayPass / PayWay) for payment and balance top-up;  
  • accept cash for top-up;  
  • print receipts;
  • display account info;
  • give change;
  • integrated video surveillance system interfaced with Bars Access and Payment system;  
  • integrated alarm.
Access Points: Turnstiles
Technically, automated turnstiles are a key element of the entire access and payment system of any water park or pool. Their main function is to minimize human factor in the efficiency of guest access control. Installation of turnstiles eliminates the abuse of privileges by staff and visitors such as attempts to double pass (transfer of cards or bracelets to third parties), use of fake or invalid cards / bracelets, etc. 
Automatic access control of access can be arranged with various types of turnstiles: Kaba, Axess, Gotschlich, PERCo, DataKrat, etc. 
The turnstiles are equipped with DataKrat or Gantner block readers and by default have an Anti-panic system allowing free and unrestricted exit of people in emergency situations.
Readers for Turnstiles



DK-V 2000:
Universal reader for all turnstile types


Kaba Readers for box turnstiles TBP-E01
(integrated into the turnstile base) 

Universal reader for all turnstile types


Reader for all turnstile types
(simplified solution: to be used
 where information display is not required)

Bracelet Return Automat by GANTNER
Machine for automatic collection and accounting of returned bracelets at the exit from the water park or pool.  
The machine’s operation principle is very simple: at the exit from the water park or pool, guests put their bracelets into special slots, following which the turnstile permits the passage. 
Two design options of bracelet return automat:

(integrated into the base of box turnstile
Kaba Kerberos TPB-E01 – final solution design)

(free-standing post which can be 
operated with other turnstile types)

Keyless Lockers 
Comfortable and secure storage with heavy-duty change room lockers in water parks and swimming pools. 
The keyless lockers are locked and unlocked using bracelets and proximity cards. 
Electronic bracelets ensure safety and security of the guests’ belongings due to low risk of bracelet loss or damage since the bracelets are continuously worn by the visitors.   
Keyless lockers can be arranged using the following locking systems: 
  • Gantner;
  • PassTech;
  • SALTO;
  • Iron Logic.
Information Monitors
The monitors are mounted above the ticketing counters to play advertising videos, stream on-line video from the water park or pool, display information about special campaigns, real-time visiting statistics for the water park.

Special module to automate paid parking lots of water parks and pools. The module is integrated with Bars Access and Payment system. The solution is adapted to service both one-time and return customers of the park using ICode and MiFare proximity parking cards. 
A guest receives a parking card at the parking lot and can use it to pay at cafes, rental points, lockers, as well as a pass to the water park or swimming pool and other paid-access zones within the territory. 

Bars Access and Payment system for water parks and swimming pools is our proprietary product combining cutting-edge software technologies, modern field-tested equipment and complete customization and adjustment to meet individual project requirements. 

If necessary, the integrated water park or pool automation system can include automation system of cafes, outlets, hotel, or paid parking. These systems can be interfaced with Bars Access and Payment to enhance the park functionality and ensure common financial accounting.

Bars payment and access control systems are successfully operated by multiple outdoor and indoor water parks in Russia and the CIS:

  • Dolphin water park, Nebug town (Krasnodar Area),
  • Golden Bay yacht club, Anapa (Krasnodar Area),
  • Water park, Vityazevo town (Krasnodar Area),
  • Russia water park of health improvement complex, Belokurikha (Altai Area),
  • PiterLAND water park, Saint Petersburg,
  • Rainbow water park, Cherepovets, 
  • H2О water park, Rostov-on-Don,
  • Youth swimming pool, Ekaterinburg, 
  • CSKA swimming pool, Moscow, 
  • Neptune swimming pool, Irkutsk, 
  • Dynamo swimming pool, Bryansk, 
  • Chusovoy sports and health center, Chusovoy town (Perm Area),
  • and others.