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Bars: Access and Check-in System for Integrated Automation of Ski Resorts

Bars: Access and Check-in System for Integrated Automation of Ski Resorts

Automated Access and Check-in Systems are an integral part of any modern ski resort infrastructure with the primary objective to increase the resort revenues through efficient financial management and control over all business processes.

A modern Access and Check-in System must be fully in line with the key market requirements: 

  • integrated automation of all business processes,
  • modular software,
  • system scalability,
  • interface for external ERP and BI systems, if required.
DataKrat offers its proprietary Bars Access and Check-in System with various functionalities: from standard ticketing and access control to ski lifts to complex solutions to aggregate under single financial accounting the cash flows from all ski resort businesses such as: 

  • ticketing and access control,
  • cafe,
  • hotel,
  • rentals and lockers,
  • instructor services,
  • skating rink,
  • parking lot,
  • entertainment facilities (bowling, pool room, water complex, spa, etc.),
  • accounting department work, etc. 

Bars Access and Check-in System successfully handles the following tasks:

Executives level
  • a single information system for business management and development;
  • control over all operations (ticket sales, turnstiles, rentals, usage of safety boxes, skating rinks, cafes, etc.);
  • minimized staff fraud;
  • efficient marketing;
  • remote online control and facility management;
  • ticket sales via the ski resort’s web site, ticket retailers and operators;
  • faster guest handling at ticketing points, greater throughput capacity of ski lifts;
  • accurate statistics and analytics on ski resort operations;
  • integration with other automation systems of cafes, hotels;   
  • integration with SAP R/3 and other enterprise resource planning software.

Staff level

  • higher efficiency through less work load (fewer manual operations) and thus faster customer handling;
  • minimum errors made by cashiers, point-of-rental staff, and others (all processes are automated);
  • intuitive software interface;
  • report generation.

Visitors level

  • 2 in 1 ski pass: uniform means of payment for all services offered by the ski resort and ski lift pass;
  • high-quality service – no queues at ticket offices, high speed of ticket selling (2-3 seconds), tickets can be bought online any time, any place;
  • discounts, bonuses, gifts, and other loyalty programs.

Bars Access and Check-in System has modular architecture. With this solution, we configure the system for every individual project by selecting software modules and options from a pool of components. As a result, the client enjoys an integrated product with unified financial accounting for cash flows from all the ski resort processes such as:

Bars Access and Check-in System is more efficient when integrated with a video surveillance system. Identify and record all cases of ticket or rental fraud, unauthorized turnstile access. All decisions will be based on accurate information by matching Bars data against video recordings from the surveillance system.

We develop and implement Bars Access and Check-in System for ski resorts striving to fully meet customer expectations in terms of reliability, functionality, and cost.

Structure of Bars Access and Check-in System

Ticketing Counters 
The ticketing point software ensures high efficiency of agents’ work and allows ski resort guests to pay in cash as well as by bank cards. All ticketing operations are handled under the same software shell. The software interface is simple and user-friendly, which is extremely beneficial for beginners as well as all users in general. All operations are personalized. The user who performed an operation can be identified at any moment. 

Ticketing agent’s workplace features: 

  • cash register (PC or POS terminal);
  • barcode ticket printer or receipt printer;
  • card reader or barcode scanner;
  • software;
  • customer’s display.
Ticket vending machines
Ticket vending machines can be used to sell park services and take cash or bank card payments (VISA, MasterCard, etc.). They are integrated into Bars Access and Check-in System. Ticket vending machines can be operated both indoors and outdoors and have anti-vandal housing. 

Bars.Pay mini



Use them to:

  • sell ski passes;
  • view the ski pass account balance;
  • top up the ski pass balance;
  • print receipts;
  • accept payment in cash and by bank cards (including PayPass/ PayWay);
  • give change;
  • ensure video surveillance.
Ski Passes
Bars Access and Check-in System supports all types of ski passes based on RFID cards (EM-Marine, Mifare, ISO 15693 (ICode), HID) or one day/way barcode tickets. 

Barcode tickets. Advantages:

  • low price;
  • fast printout;
  • single pass tickets;
  • customizable design in full-color;
  • additional revenues from sponsor advertising;
  • ticket selling via ticket vending machines.
RFID cards. Advantages: 

  • long term usage;
  • support of hands-free;
  • high protection;
  • wide range of marketing options (discounts, bonuses, promo campaigns, etc.);
  • can be purchased via self-service kiosks;
  • ideal for deposit payment systems;
  • can be used to pay in a cafe, hotel, parking, as well as for turnstile access, and more;
  • support of single ski pass for several ski resorts;
  • additional revenues from sponsor advertising.
Access Control Points 

Ensure authorized access to your ski lifts using automated turnstiles by various manufacturers. Bars system supports the specialized turnstiles for ski resorts manufactured by global leaders such as Alfi (Italy), Axess (Austria), Kaba (Germany), Gotschlich (Austria), PERCo (Russia), etc. The turnstiles are equipped with DataKrat block readers.

Hand Held Terminals are used jointly with the Bars Access and Check-in System to arrange temporary workplaces such as: 

  • mobile access control points;
  • mobile rental point;  
  • info terminals to check ticket balance;
  • mobile cash register to handle deposit payments.
The terminals are adapted for severe weathers – the perfect combination of robust design, excellent Wi-Fi and cutting-edge Symbol and Honeywell readers. The terminals support proximity cards such as Em Marine, ICode, and MiFare. 

Automatic Lock System by GANTNER (Austria) for Change Rooms and Lockers 
Austria-based GANTNER is the pioneer in the international market of electronic access control and locking systems. With 30 years of experience in the field of security solutions based on proximity technologies, the company holds the leadership position in the European market. The most popular products in Russia are electronic locks for change rooms in gyms, water parks, swimming pools, ski resorts, wellness centers. The company offers two main solutions: “off-line” and “on-line” electronic locks. The systems are integrated with Bars Access and Check-in System.  

GANTNER lock systems: all electronic locks are interfaced with the software complex via the network equipment. Thus, the receptionist can see in real time which lockers are free and which are occupied, can control access to the lockers, and immediately receive notifications about unauthorized access and break-in attempts. 

Furniture and racks, ski gear storage and drying racks for ski depots and points-of-rent

A system to automate paid parking lots at the entrance. The solution can handle one-time and frequent guests and supports ICode and MiFare proximity parking cards. The solution can be integrated with Bars Access and Check-in System: A guest receives a parking card at the parking lot and can use it further as a ski pass.

Bars Mobile
A mobile application to monitor your access and check-in system in real time. 

Check current financial indicators of the ski resort and technical condition of Bars Access and Check-in System online from any point on the globe:

  • ski resort revenues for the current day, week, and month;
  • number of entries via the turnstile for the current day, week, and month;
  • variation of KPI relative to the previous period (day, week or month, in %);
  • equipment operability (in case of any malfunction of turnstiles or boom gates, the application will alert the user by “!” sign.).
Bars Mobile is available in AppStore and Google Play. Control KPIs of several ski resorts simultaneously with our application! All operations under single software – no need to install several programs. The software ensures high safety and security of the transferred data.  

Online Ticketing
Software module enables selling ski passes or services via the park web site. Organize distribution and accounting of ski passes using new functional capabilities to: 

  • boost sales;
  • attract more guests;
  • build up loyalty of frequent guests;
  • improve public image of the resort. 
Visitors can buy ski passes at any time and any place. No stress, no queues. 

Online Service Offering via Coupon and Discounts Web Sites
Online coupon industry is booming around the world – the business has grown tenfold over the last two years. The idea behind the discount business is a simple stroke of genius: Millions of consumers get discounts and save money, while thousands of companies sell their services and goods in high volumes. 
With this idea in mind, we have made sure our Bars Access and Check-in System supports remote sales of ski passes via coupon web sites. New opportunities the service brings will enable our Customers to benefit from:

  • higher ticket sales thanks to an added sales channel;
  • increased flow of guests during low peak hours (e.g., morning hours, business days) or low season;
  • attraction of additional visitors by targeted promo campaigns;
  • stabilization of cash flows off season, with increased share of prepayment and turnover.
Offer discounts via coupon websites and you will be able to at once generate revenues, advertize your services, and win new customers who can further become your regulars. 

Video Verification
Online control of turnstile access. When a guest scans a ski pass and goes through a turnstile, the ski pass data is displayed on the monitor at the security point. This information can be quickly checked against what the security actually see, so they can record any handover of ski passes to a third party (e.g., track and prevent adults entering with child ski passes).
Automate your ski resort with Bars Access and Check-in system and get a ready-made integrated solution which is perfectly adapted for your business and has great economic feasibility. We guarantee high quality services at any project stage (from conceptual design to implementation and further service support). But most importantly, we guarantee dependability and robustness. With 16 years of experience in successful project delivery and proprietary software, our specialists can offer you the optimum system incorporating all your requests and ideas as well as individual project requirements.
If you opt for services of our company, we can guarantee the complex approach and turn-key project implementation: system design, consultancy from technical specialists and software engineers, supply of specialized equipment, installation, commissioning, implementation and training of the Customer’s personnel in Access and Check-in system operation, as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

Bars Access and Check-in systems are successfully operated by over 130 ski resorts in Russia and the CIS.