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Bars.Expo-2: Сheck-in, ticketing and access control system of visitor flows at public events

Bars.Expo-2: Сheck-in, ticketing and access control system of visitor flows at public events

Are you looking to automate the workflow of inviting exponents and guests to an event – exhibition, congress or forum? Organize guest check-in and accreditation as well as online ticketing? Print and hand out badges on the go, and control access to the venue? Produce detailed analytics?
You have come to the right place. 

We have designed our Bars EXPO-2 hardware and software suite to cater to all these tasks. Bars EXPO-2 is a web-based application to organize the workflows of electronic check-in, accreditation, ticketing, and access control for public events.  

Use Bars EXPO-2 solution for any event formats and calibers: exhibitions, forums, conferences, board meetings, summits, concerts and fests, sports competitions and any other events. 

Bars EXPO-2: Functionality

  • Online check-in of exponents, guests, staff, organizers and transport.
  • Personal online offices for companies/exponents/guests at the event website, support of multiple input languages, auto transliteration, flexibly adjusted check-in forms.
  • Online ticketing with payments accepted via major payment systems, support of loyalty systems and discount & bonus systems.
  • SMS alerts for participants, guests and staff.
  • Email newsletters to participants, guests and staff.
  • Electronic invitations to the event.
  • Match-making service.
  • Automated approval by subdivisions (security, finance, organizing committee, etc.).
  • Categorizing and prioritization of participants, guests, staff, and transport, with differentiation of rights.
  • Designing and printing of badges.
  • Controlled ordering of additional service (accommodation, interpreter, transfer, and others).
  • Accreditation and offline on-the-spot accreditation of participants, guests and staff – automated database search, check, and approval, photographing, badge/pass printing and check-in.
  • Group check-in and badge issue.
  • Automated ticketing and participation fee payment via counters directly at the event.
  • Support of ticketing kiosks (automatic terminals) for payment of participation fees and ticketing.
  • Control of handout materials and rental equipment.
  • Access control at the event venue, with adjustable modes and priorities for participants, guests and staff.
  • Control of access equipment (turnstiles, boom-gates, block readers, electronic locks), and mobile access points (handheld data terminals).
  • Monitoring of unauthorized access incidents, real-time access to participant data to update access rights, or freeze participant access cards.
  • Data analysis and report generation at any stage of the event.
Bars EXPO-2 allows flexible settings for event structure and schedule with, the support of several concurrent events.


 What Bars EXPO-2 Users Get

  • Minimized time for handling of participants, guests and exponents.
  • Minimized time for accreditation, printing and issuing of badges/tickets resulting in shorter queues.
  • Check-in points can be deployed at any place as convenient for the stakeholders (airport, railway station, hotel, etc.).
  • Control of fee payments, authorization documents, handout materials, etc.
  • Enhanced security (through access control, rights differentiation, security service approval procedures, and video surveillance integration).
  • Minimized financial fraud from staff (under-the-counter ticketing), overhead costs, and staff roster.
  • Less load on helpdesk thanks to embedded information and help system (personal online offices of participants at the website, and info kiosks).
  • Improved public image of the event.
  • Implementation of efficient marketing strategies thanks to:  
    • Database of participants with geo details,
    • Info broadcasting services,
    • Support of various types of participant card (VIP participant, guest, media, staff, security, etc.).
  • Additional revenue source from ad placement for sponsors, exponents and other parties on badges, ribbons, etc.
  • Detailed reports on events for further analysis and optimization.
  • Integrated support from DataKrat team throughout the prep period and the events.
Participant / Exponent 
  • Opportunity to register visitors to the expo stall by handheld terminals to collect contacts of the target audience.
  • Convenient registration as event participant via personal online office and email notification service with the event organizer, area developer, operator.
  • Opportunity to get accredited where convenient for participants: at airport terminals, train and bus stations, hotels, etc.
  • Convenient ticketing or badge issue via the website or at the venue
  • Shorter queues and fast as possible access to the venue and restricted areas
  • Convenient use of personal guest card as an ID and pass (no need to hand out multiple business cards – all info present in the unique identifier and printed on badge)
  • Access via info kiosks to the information and help service system with accurate updates of the event schedule and the event map showing particular locations.
  • Improved performance thanks to workflow automation which relieves the load on workers and shortens servicing time.
  • Less human error.
  • Easy generation of statistic and management reports.
Bars EXPO-2 has modular architecture allowing us to configure the system for every individual project by adding software modules and options from a pool of components.


The full functionality Bars Expo-2 hardware & software suite includes: 

  • Back-end module
  • Web access module
  • Workstations module (workstations of administrator, organizing committee, accrediting agents, and controlling agents)
  • Ticketing and payments module
  • Access control module
  • Exponent handling module
  • Module of Bars EXPO-2 integration with parking, video surveillance, cafe accounting and other external BI
  • Reporting module


Badges are the principal identifiers of participants or guests in the automation systems. Badges can be contactless plastic cards, tickets, or cardboard cards carrying barcode (RFID), RFID bracelets, key-rings, NFC tags, etc., in various designs, full color or monochromatic.
Among their advantages are high forgery protection, presentable appearance, and durability against moisture or abrasive wear as compared to paper badges. The choice of data carrier made on a per-case basis depending on the functions needed at a particular event. 

Access control 

Access control means authorized access to the venue or specialized areas outside with the use of various access points such as turnstiles, check-in counters, mobile handheld terminals adapted for outdoor operation in any weather. Customer may choose to fit turnstiles with special block readers displaying the details of guests' tickets. 
DataKrat has flexible resources to implement projects for events of any level of complexity. That is why the optimal solution will be renting Bars EXPO-2 for the period of the event, since the renting will entitle the Organizer to a whole spectrum of complementary services such as 
  • Provision of the full range of hardware and software for the event period,
  • 24\7 on-site technical support by a group of competent specialists,
  • Consumables and components for printing of badges,
  • Routing and installation of the necessary utilities,
  • Configuring equipment as required by functionality and project specifics,
  • Generation of customized reports after the event.

Implemented Projects 

  • Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre" (Moscow), since 2016; 
  • Nashestvie Rock Festival, 2006;
  • Kinotavr Film Festival, 2006;
  • Transport Week exhibition, 2007;
  • The Russia Forum, 2008;
  • Board meeting of OJSC Rosneft, 2009, 2010, 2011;
  • INNOPROM-2010 International Exhibition and Forum;
  • Sochi International Investment Forum 2007-2014;
  • Murmansk International Economic Forum 2010, 2011;
  • Children of Asia international sports games, 2012, 2016;
  • UTRO-2013, Urals Youth Forum;
  • Russia Arms Expo 2013, Russia Arms Expo 2016, international exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition;
  • Tyumen Governor's Judo Championship;
  • World Judo Championship 2011;
  • Russia-Kazakhstan Cooperation Forum;
  • City Future Business Forum (Ekaterinburg, Russia);
  • V World Congress of Compatriots Abroad, 2015.

With many years’ experience in automation of national scale events, DataKrat can guarantee that your event will be organized to satisfy highest expectations.