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DKLink CLM: Client Loyalty Management System

DKLink CLM: Client Loyalty Management System

DKLink CLM (Client Loyalty Management System) covers business processes associated with enhancement of customer loyalty to retail stores using various bonus programs, gift cards, promo coupons. 

Key system functionality:

  • issue of cards;
  • gift card processing;
  • bonus card processing; 
  • local cashless payments; 
  • coupon processing;
  • keeping registries of buyers, accounts, and cards; 
  • transaction monitoring;
  • report generation.  

DKLink CLM can be integrated with other systems. For instance, integration with DKLINK Front Office will provide the following functionality:

  • query the card balance; 
  • display the card balance on the screen and/or receipt; 
  • accept payments by gift cards, bonus cards, and coupons of all types; 
  • mixed payment for a single purchase, i.e., cash + gift card + bonus card;
  • payment for a single purchase by several bonus and/or gift cards;
  • request and print job slips on CLM transactions.